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How long will the MRE store? Below is a rough estimate.

Up to 136 month shelf life at 60 degrees

100 month shelf life at 70 degrees

76 month shelf life at 80 degrees

1 month shelf life at 120 degrees

Depends how your store it.

Question - I am shopping around for MRE's.  What should I be looking for in an MRE?

 Answer - First simply look at the contents.  Many MREs short you a dessert, the heating unit, or maybe both.  Taste-You would have to order it to try it but believe us, many MRE's do not taste good at all!  Heating Unit- Each Six Eagles MRE has one.  Price- How much will it cost to get the case to your front door?  Manufacturing Dates-Take a look at the date on the packaging to see when it was made.  Keep in mind ALL MREs last 7 years at 80 degrees so be careful you are not buying expiring stock. Packaging- Make sure the MRE is housed in a hearty, durable plastic bag, not a flimsy bag that will not protect its contents.

Question - What do think about emergency stores here in Hawaii?

Answer - Just look at their prices and compare. NO ONE has been around as long as we have, experience means a lot.  Look at our homepage to see who we work with.

Question - Tell me why the manufacture date is so important?

Answer - Each and every case is marked with a 4 digit manufacturing date.  For example, "1064".   In this example, the case was manufactured on the 64th day (last 3 digits) of the year 2011 (the first digit "1" representing the last digit of the year).  Yes that "1" for the year could mean 2001 or 1991 also, but there is a level of trust involved in all of this.  Question the freshness  if you do not find a manufacture date.

You would be amazed how many MREs we have researched with manufacture dates upwards of 4-5 years ago. 

Now you have to look at case price vs. shelf life.  If we sell you a case that is a year old, please do not assume that you have something old.  MREs are not fresh fruit rather a manufactured product.  A year is still  very fresh when stored well. 

It is as simple as this, You Are Buying Time! 

Question - Six Eagles talks about the best MRE at the best price.  Show me proof of the pricing advantage.

Answer - Check out, the website for Emergency Essentials, which is a company out of Utah.  I purchased some of their products like a wheat grinder and an emergency radio.  They have 10 meal MRE cases for $70+shipping ($35 to Hawaii). $105!!! This $105 case does not include a heating unit and is short 1 side dish.  All of these items are inlcuded in each of our meal packets.  Our price includes delivery on Oahu.  

Question - I get my MREs from my family/friend in the military or I buy cheap MREs from the swap meet or I buy my MREs from someone who gets military surplus MREs--- what's the difference?

Answer - Six Eagles ships our MREs fresh and direct from the factory.  A military MRE has the same shelf life, but here is the big difference.  Look on the case for a manufacture date and you will not find one.  How would you know how old the case is?  It is impossible to know so why take the chance.  YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! 

Question - Why do you call your MRE the perfect meal?

Answer - Think about how you prepare your typical meal.  Heat up the stove or oven, wash/cut the food, cook the food using a stove, get out the utensils and finally wash everything that you made dirty in the process.  Our MRE requires very little preparation, no outside fuel source to heat up, and no messy clean-up.  You eat out of the pouches and throw it away when you are finished! 

Question - What is the difference between your MRE and the actual military MRE?

Answer - Not much.  Again, the dates are fresher with our MRE because we receive shipments direct from the manufacturer.  Military MRE may have a couple more items like matches or a small side dish.

Question - I am well prepared with backup electricity through my generator and I even have propane gas stoves to cook my food.  I will just use what is in my refrigerator.  What place do MREs have in my emergency planning?

Answer - Six Eagles cannot stress enough the need to be safe.  The use of propane tanks in your home during a storm will be more hazardous to you than starving.  What will you do if the generator does not function?  Of all the people you know that have generators, when was the last time they checked to see if it even operates properly?  Do you know how much gas is needed to keep a generator running for an extended period of time?  Our opinion, generators are a nice to have, not necessities and involve too many moving parts when it comes to your emergency plan. Keep it simple!

An MRE is a hot, great tasting meal that does not require outside fuel.  MREs are a must for any food storage plan.  1 case or 50 cases, there are a number of situations where you will be glad you had an MRE to eat.

 Question - Why are your MREs any different than what I may find somewhere else? 

Answer - Freshness-Six Eagles ships direct from the manufacturer on a regular basis. Taste-You have to try it to really believe. 

Question - I use canned goods and dehydrated goods in my food storage, do these items store longer?

Answer - Reference and any other food expiration website, you will find that canned goods last, in premium conditions, about 1-2 years.  Keep in mind, Hawaii humidity will cause cans to rust even earlier than 2 years. Our MRE has a 7+ year shelf life at 80 degrees (Average Hawaii Temperature).  The plastics/metal technology in the MRE packaging is what helps to make for such a long shelf life. Here is a great picture of a can of pineapple that bursted in just over a year, then dried out and got moldy:

 Question - A 5 gallon bucket of food at Sam's Club/Costco has food for 120 days.  How does that compare to an MRE?

Answer - The bucket is made up almost entirely of soup bases packed with vitamins to keep the body fed.    For 120 days you will only drink a vitamin soup.  The soups need water and also need to be warmed up for taste, requiring a fuel source.  You could eat the soup cold but imagine what that tastes like?  Read the instructions for yourself - "simmer for 20 minutes"  That is a lot of fuel to cook a meal that does not have real meat.  We suggest tasting this product before committing a large portion of your food storage to this option.  The bucket of soup mixes is a good supplement to any food storage and actually tastes ok, but be careful of the end result.

 Question - What is your return policy?

Answer - All sales final.  The MRE has a finite lifespan, all sales are final.  
Question - Should I purchase a Six Eagles MRE when I hear of a hurricane watch?

Answer - Six Eagles keeps in stock just enough to keep up with normal demands.  MREs and food storage in general is really insurance for times of emergency.  Insurance in the form of food for times when you will need to have something to eat.  The majority of these situations come unexpectedly so prepare to some degree now.  We suggest 3 months to a year. Don't forget the water!


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